A complete and thorough evaluation of your policies, procedures, and forms used to govern your reported data will produce a full report outlining all findings and discrepancies. We review your PEIMS related records including student cumulative folders, human resource, special education, and special programs. The evaluation includes data consistency, crosswalks and accountability, and potential compliance issues. Upon completion of our review, we will also help develop a proactive plan that prepares your records for the next state or federal audit.

Audit Readiness and Data Quality Review Package
Includes All the Following

  • On-Site Data Quality Review of each campus and district office including:
    • Evaluation of District-wide policy and procedure implementation.
    • Review sampling of student cumulative folders for required documentation.
    • Review special program documentation for data quality accuracy, documentation, and accountability.
    • Review Special Education documentation for data quality accuracy, documentation, and accountability.
    • Review of Student Attendance Accounting Handbook / Data Quality Manual.
  • Review student management system software reports and reports via the Texas Education Agency for possible discrepancies or concerns.
  • Evaluate crosswalk of data coding and possible gaps causing loss of funding or coding discrepancies.
  • Official report of overall findings, legal requirements, and recommendations suitable for:
    • Future Trainings
    • Board Presentations
    • Staff Review
    • Corrective Actions
  • Participation in any online Data Quality trainings.
  • Reduced rate on additional staff development. 
  • Email updates and notifications of Data Quality related points of interest and due dates.
  • 1 Year Technical Assistance via Telephone, Email, or Webinar.

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