Don’t reinvent the wheel! All Texas Public Schools require manuals which can be a tedious and time consuming process. The Foundation Package with Data Quality Manual will help your team get on the same page regarding data quality while developing a user friendly manual that couples as an extended job description for all those who oversee reportable data. 

Data Foundations Package including Data Quality Manual
Includes All the Following

  • 6-hour on-site training, coaching, and support of Policy and Procedure Development to:
    • Superintendent
    • Principals
    • Directors
    • PEIMS Coordinator
    • Other Data Managers
  • 6-hour on-site follow-up training including:
    • Data Quality Manual Review
    • Policy and Procedure Evaluation
    • Legal Compliance Review
    • Initial Audit Readiness Review
  • Access to Data Quality Manual template updates for future revisions.
  • Data Quality Manual template and forms, all editable to meet individual needs.*
    * Fulfills Attendance Manual Requirements and Policy and Procedures in Special Program coding and
    reporting as outlined in the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
  • Participation in any online Data Quality trainings.
  • Free development of data quality forms.
  • Email updates and notifications of Data Quality related points of interest and due dates.
  • Reduced rate on additional staff development opportunities.
  • 1 Year Technical Assistance via Telephone, Email, or Webinar.

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