Newly awarded charter schools and new charter campuses have the unique challenge of creating an organization while maintaining high expectations of students. Research shows that a charter successful in their first year will continue to be successful but a charter who fails in the first year will likely not improve. Let an experienced professional help your charter develop the foundation needed for success.   

New Charter Startup Package
Includes All the Following

District/Campus Administration

  • Development of Strong, Long-term Organizational Structure including:
    • FTE budget review.
    • Ensuring alignment of charter vision with state and federal compliance.
    • Maintaining organizational balance between staffing, administration, and facilities,
  • Allow charter founder to focus on student culture and services by through completion of administrative responsibilities.
  • Policy and Procedure Development.
  • Campus Organizational Development and Review.
  • Expert technical support through organizational process.

State and Federal Compliance

  • Assist in organization of special programs including:
    • English Language Learners
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Career and Technology
    • Migrant
    • Title I
    • Special Education
    • Food Services
  • Staff Development in State and Federal Program requirements.



  • Team building training in data quality including:
    • 6-hour on-site training, coaching, and support of Superintendent, Principals, Directors, and PEIMS personnel in the charter’s Data Quality Policy and Procedure development.
    • 6-hour on-site follow-up training, Data Quality Manual review, and policy and procedure evaluation.
    • Data Quality Manual template and forms*
      * Fulfills Attendance Manual Requirements and Policy and Procedures in Special Program coding and reporting as outlined in the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
    • Data Quality Manual template updates for following three years.
    • Data Quality oversight of new staff.
  • Oversight of Student Management Software adoption and implementation.
  • Assist in student registration and enrollment.

Human Resource

  • Employee file setup.
  • Oversight of State and Federal requirements.
  • Assist in initial background checks.
  • Assist in coding staff responsibilities in SMS software.
  • Assist in development of employee job descriptions.

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