Newly awarded charter schools and new charter campuses have the unique challenge of creating an organization while maintaining high expectations of students. Research shows that a charter successful in their first year will continue to be successful but a charter who fails in the first year will likely not improve. Let an experienced professional help your charter develop the foundation needed for success.


  • Team building training in data quality
  • On-site training, coaching, and support of Superintendent, Principals, Directors, and PEIMS personnel in the charter’s Data Quality Policy and Procedure development.
  • Data Quality Manual review, and policy and procedure evaluation.
  • Data Quality Manual template and forms*
    * Fulfills Attendance Manual Requirements and Policy and Procedures in Special Program coding and reporting as outlined in the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
  • Data Quality oversight of new staff.
  • Oversight of Student Management Software adoption and implementation.

Human Resource

  • Employee file setup.
  • Oversight of State and Federal requirements.
  • Assist in initial background checks.
  • Assist in coding staff responsibilities in SMS software.
  • Assist in development of employee job descriptions.

District Administration

  • Development of Strong, Long-term Organizational Structure.
  • Expert technical support through organizational process.
  • Ensuring alignment of charter vision with state and federal compliance.
  • Maintaining organizational balance between staffing, administration, and facilities,
  • Allow charter founder to focus on student culture and services by through completion of administrative responsibilities.
  • Policy and Procedure Development.
  • ·     Campus Organizational Development and Review.

State and Federal Compliance

Assist in organization of special programs including:

  • English Language Learners
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Career and Technology
  • Migrant
  • Title I
  • Special Education
  • Food Services
  • Staff Development in State and Federal Program requirements.

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