Affordable back office support that provides an additional layer of data quality review while managing required PEIMS reporting.  Perfect option when the administrative tasks seem to multiply but with minimal staffing options or resources.

Certified Texas Student Data System (TSDS) 

Student Management System (SMS) Independent
We use the software YOU choose!

Complete PEIMS/Student Back Office Support Package
Includes All the Following

  • Complete all four (4) PEIMS submissions, including resubmissions (if needed).
  • Maintain all files necessary to report PEIMS student records for Submissions 1, 3, and 4.
  • Work with district to reconcile errors in the PEIMS submissions.
  • Completion of required state reports including:
    • 1st and 4th Six Week Reconciliation
    • Superintendent Reports
    • Principal/Campus Summary Reports
    • Teacher Attendance 6-Week Summary Reports
  • Manage the biennial federal Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC).
  • Files will be maintained for the school district for the specific purpose of submitting PEIMS student records. Records to be maintained include:
    • Demographic records for students
    • All necessary records for reporting PEIMS Submissions 1, 3, and 4
    • All necessary records for reporting PEIMS daily attendance
    • All necessary records for reporting PEIMS discipline
  • Provide technical assistance in completion and entering of master schedules for each campus.
  • Provide training to campus professional and paraprofessional staff (2 Days On-Site) on processes and procedures for data coding, data entry, and data error checking in the areas of:
    • Enrollment
    • Attendance
    • Discipline
    • Registration
    • Scheduling
    • Grades
    • Special Education
    • Bullying/Harassment
    • State/Federal Data Reporting
  • Lead periodic data review sessions, including two (2) onsite, to ensure complete and accurate coding of student discipline, bullying/harassment, and other student data as required.
  • Run SMS reports as needed throughout the year for board meetings, staff meetings, parent meetings, or general information.
  • Continue implementation of Charter Specific Data Quality Manual (if adopted).
  • Service of most major Student Management software (TxEIS, Skyward, PowerSchool, and others).
    • Troubleshooting on behalf of contracted school
    • Ensure SMS is in full compliance with TEA requirements at all times
  • Train and support campus clerks and professional staff in creating data reports and resolving problems with student data systems.
  • Collaborate with Human Resources in coding staff responsibilities for TSDS reporting and teacher data for CRDC reporting.
  • Review student management system software reports and reports via the Texas Education Agency for possible discrepancies or concerns.
  • Extract PEIMS data at the request of the district.
  • Provide the following reports:
    • Principal’s Report of Attendance for each attendance cycle
    • Student Attendance Summary for each attendance cycle
    • Superintendent’s Report of Attendance for each cycle
    • Demographic Reports for students and parents
    • Reports of Special Populations
      • Title I
      • ESL
      • Economic Disadvantaged
      • CTE
      • Special Education
      • Gifted/Talented
    • Additional reports as needed to verify PEIMS data
  • Participation in any online Data Quality trainings.
  • Email updates and notifications of Data Quality related points of interest and due dates.
  • 1 Year Technical Assistance via Telephone, Email, or Webinar.
  • Additional on-site professional development opportunities at a reduced rate.

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