This portfolio provides additional details of the multiple accomplishments and awards, including:

  • Multiple presentations for new and seasoned educators at the Texas Association of Charter School, Texas Association of School Business Officials, and TheNetwork Charter School Summit;
  • Assist the Texas Education Agency in On-Site Visit Reviews of newly established Charter Schools;
  • Provide independent Charter School audits of policies, procedures, and overall administrative
  • Experience in program initiatives to optimize the learning atmosphere, staff development, and promotion of a safe-environment through positive reinforcement and teamwork;
  • Promotion of a multicultural awareness, active community involvement, parent partnership, and student success in campus goal setting;
  • A proven record of campus and administrative success through the organization and evaluation of campus and student performance and data; and,
  • An uncompromising view that it takes a community to educate a child and, with the right support, all students can learn.