Which Package Is Right For You?

Our goal is to fulfill the mission of encouraging student success through individualized training, consulting, coaching, and assistance. Every school is unique in how they reach students on a limited budget.  Take a look at our specialized services and then contact us to create a package just for you!

We are more than a company. We seek to apply multiple years of both classroom and administrative experience to ensure the success of you and your students.

All packages come with the commitment to serve with integrity and honor while maintaining a student centered focus. Our mission is to adopt the mission of those we serve and cater our services to that mission. We seek to provide services that help you put more resources towards your mission and the students you serve. While considering the provided services, know that there are multiple options that can be catered towards your unique needs.

All Contracts Include:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to free forms and templates
  • Technical Support for all related services
  • Reduced webinar registration fees
  • Reduced price onsite professional development

Need experienced TSDS PEIMS service? Affordable back office support providing an additional layer of data quality review while managing required PEIMS reporting.

We can help take care of your concerns, address your unique needs, and help you remain focused on your student led mission.

We provide:

  • Full Service Back Office Support
  • Temporary Back Office Support
  • Contracted Registrar Service

Our Back Office Support is Student Management System platform independent meaning we use what you and your team are comfortable in using. Our experience include all the major software vendors including TxEIS, Skyward, and Powerschool

Multiple Service Options Including:

  • Compliance audit of student records.
  • Individualized training.
  • Submission of all four (4) TSDS PEIMS Collections on behalf of the charter.
  • Review student management system software reports and reports via the Texas Education Agency for possible discrepancies or concerns.
  • Complete weekly submissions of PET files and Student Unique ID.
  • Assist in obtaining and governing required files for student TSDS PEIMS submissions.
  • Troubleshoot all errors in PEIMS submissions for accurate data reporting.
  • Provide technical assistance in completion and entering of master schedules for each campus.
  • Assist charter administration in the completion of required state reports.
  • Review of Special Population Reports.
  • TSDS PEIMS and Charter Software troubleshooting on behalf of contracted school.

Don’t let the administration of human resource paperwork take valuable time away from the students. Let us help you take care of the time-consuming paperwork and administration of human resource so you can remain focused on your overall mission and the students your mission serves.

Services Include:

  • Audit of current Human Resource records
  • Assist in creation or updating of job descriptions
  • Verify budget and position allocation with business office before official job posting
  • Post and advertise open positions through the organization’s chosen job board(s)
  • Send electronic acknowledgement of receipt of application to applicants
  • Screen applicants according to district hiring requirements; verify applications are complete and supporting documents have been submitted
  • Provide supervisor with list of applicants who meet selection criteria for consideration
  • Assist in verifying highly qualified status; check references, criminal history, and driving records
  • Extend job offer to final candidate contingent on board approval or results of criminal history check, driving record check, drug and alcohol test, or physical exam
  • Notify supervisor that applicant accepted or rejected offer
  • Remove online posting once position has been filled
  • Send standard letter (electronically) to applicants interviewed but not hired
  • Provide new employee with welcome e-mail/letter and new hire packet of information
  • Enter employee demographics in human resource information system
  • Submit new-hire report to state
  • Review and maintain human resource folders

Newly awarded charter schools and new charter campuses have the unique challenge of creating an organization while maintaining high expectations of students. Research shows that a charter successful in their first year will continue to be successful but a charter who fails in the first year will likely not improve.

Let an experienced professional help your charter develop the foundation needed for success.

Services Include:

  • Policy and Procedure Manual and Forms development
  • Data Quality oversight of new staff.
  • Oversight of Student Management Software adoption and implementation.
  • Employee file setup.
  • Oversight of State and Federal requirements.
  • Assist in initial background checks.
  • Assist in development of employee job descriptions.
  • Ensuring alignment of charter vision with state and federal compliance.
  • Maintaining organizational balance between staffing, administration, and facilities.
  • Policy and Procedure Development.
  • Campus Organizational Development and Review.
  • Assist in organization of special programs.

Don't reinvent the wheel! All Texas Public Schools require manuals which can be a tedious and time-consuming process. We will help your team get on the same page regarding policies and procedures, data quality, and accountability while developing a user-friendly manual that couples as an extended job description for all those who oversee reportable data.

Services Including:

  • Overall Data Quality Manual template adopted by charter schools across Texas that fulfill many of the program manual requirements including those outlined in the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
  • Policy and procedure manuals for special programs including: Gifted and Talented, Migrant, LEP/ESL, At Risk, and Special Education (coding only)
  • Assistance in district-wide policy and procedure implementation
  • Professional Development designed for staff who have the important role of reporting the data that tells your story including Superintendent, Principal, Special Program Directors, and PEIMS Coordinator.
  • Audit ready forms for data quality accountability and compliance.
  • Complete audit of current manuals for issues in compliance, policy, and procedures.
  • Policy and Procedure review of your organization with streamlining and accountability recommendations for stronger data quality and a more accurate telling of your charter’s story.
  • Review of TSDS PEIMS reports for potential audit issues within reported data.

 Whether in person or online, we provide professional development opportunities that help you fulfill those roles and save time by placing in your hands the tools and resources needed to fulfill the mission of your charter.

J. G. Dickson Consulting not only provides professional development opportunities but we also provide you connections with education experts on a number of educational topics. 

Topics Include:

  • Working as an Administrative Team
  • Technology Integration and Google G-Suite Implementation
  • Record Retention for Human Resources
  • Record Retention for Student Records
  • Effective Communication with Parents
  • Best Practices in Special Education
  • Gallup-based Strengthsfinder® integration
  • Choosing the Right Educational Environment for Your Child
  • And Many Others!!

Record maintenance can be a tedious task. Especially if it is just one more task in the midst of a multitude of other expectations.  We can help provide the resources and experience needed for both organization and compliance. 

We provide services for human resource and student records.

Services Include:

  • New Campus TREx Record Request and Organization
  • Human Resource Record compliance review
  • Student Record Compliance review
  • Record Retention review and organization
  • Record maintenance professional development
  • FERPA Compliance review

Opening a new charter school or additional campus?  Concerned about the limited time frame for student record fulfillment and services provided? We help remove the burden by receiving, organizing, and communicating student needs for you while your staff remains focused on the needs of your new campus.

Our Services Include:

  • Request records for all students with confirmed enrollment.
  • Confirm receipt of all required student documentation including:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Home Language Survey
    • Student Assessments (if applicable)
    • Special Education documentation (if applicable)
    • Legal Documentation (if applicable)
  • Review fulfilled record requests for Special Population qualifications including:
    • Title I
    • ESL/LEP
    • Economic Disadvantaged
    • Special Education
    • Gifted/Talented
  • Communicate with campus special population staff of qualifying students.
  • Upload student records to online drive for immediate access by designated campus personnel.
  • Cumulative Folder Development
    • Organize hard copies of received records using charter approved checklist
    • Print student registration records
    • Setup hardcopy student cumulative folders / upload data to online cumulative folder
    • Separate records per campus and per grade level
    • Deliver organized records to each campus
  • Update Student Management Software with data received from previous school.

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